profilo"Born in an area with an outstanding environmental heritage, close to the local natural parks, I still vividly remember running in the blooming meadows, picking bunches of violets to perfume our house, the unique scent of hay or of the wet grass just after a storm, the search for medicinal plants with my father’s help, who was a decent connoisseur and an enthusiastic admirer, the choice, with my mother, of the herbs to prepare frugal soups with those delicate and characteristic smell and taste…

Thanks to these fulfilling experiences, or possibly to the desire to draw and painting I have always had, the art of botanical painting has become the almost inevitable outlet for my disposition: not a proper job but rather a passion, that for several years has been occupying a considerable part of my life."

When she became interested in botanical painting in 2004, Lidia Vanzetti favoured the watercolour technique, learning to observe and confront, to choose the subjects, to convey colour palettes, textures, forms and details so as to fix on paper the uniqueness of each model. After the first exhibits and the approvals obtained, she felt the need to test herself in other important challenges. Over the years, her dedication and passion never failed her and they allowed her to obtain remarkable recognition in the occasion of her participation to important exhibits in Italy and abroad; specifically, three prestigious Gold Medals in three “Exhibition of Botanical Art” of the Royal Horticultural Society.
Her works are present in various national and international collections, public and private, like the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation of Pittsburgh (USA).