“... Like the cultivation of apples the artistic tradition of the valley continues as well. Since she was a child, Lidia has been fascinated by nature. … She just wants to draw, to paint what she sees, but she studies to become a teacher. In 2004 she decides to give space to her talent… Lidia is good and soon shows, appreciation and recognition in Italy start to arrive…
Then, an exciting challenge: participating in one of the exhibitions that the Royal Horticultural Society organises every year. She sends some pictures of her works and she gets in… she paints for more than a year, taking care of the composition of each plate, of the presentation as a whole and of drafting meaningful captions. …
Ten paintings of typical apples of Valsesia were shown in London in December, 2008. The result was a gold medal. The first one, because in March, 2011 she receives again the highest recognition of the RHS with a series of paintings of ancient pears from Valsesia.

Finding her place with deserved merit in the uninterrupted artistic tradition of the valley, it is significant that the marvellous result was obtained drawing inspiration from the varieties of the past, drawing new sap from the roots: to keep them alive and not forget them. "

T. Rizzotti, ‘La valle dei meli’ - ROSANOVA - rivista di arte e storia del giardino - n° 26/Ottobre 2011


"The first show of 2013 starts in concurrence with the 8th of March and is reserved for women artists that, with different techinques and styles portray nature.
Lidia Vanzetti, from Grignasco, Piedmont, took an interest in botanical and floral painting in 2004, driven by her passion for nature and for drawing. With her works Lidia Vanzetti participated to important theme exhibits in Italy and abroad and she earned prestigious commendations. Her watercolours are present in the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation collection in Pittusburgh and in various private collections."

M. Premoli, ‘Rerum Naturae’, Galleria Sant’Angelo, Biella - 2013

“With a single, slender branch of Vaccinium Myrtillus, the bilberry, its fruits ripening at their own pace, Lidia Vanzetti has managed to capture the true poetry of nature”.

L. Tongiorgi Tomasi – A. Tosi, Arte botanica in Italia oggi (catalogo) - 2013

Lidia Vanzetti – Gold Medal - (Italy): ‘Grapes of the Piedmont’
“I had the pleasure of meeting Lidia in 2011 when she won her second RHS Gold Medal with a very pleasing series about the Pears of the Piedmont. She also exhibited at the 13th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration at the Hunt.”

Katherine Tyrrell - - Friday, February 26, 2016